For the football lovers Score Hero is the great game to play. The author of it is first touch games ltd, and it is launched for both Android and IOS. The process for download it is very easy, or it takes only 96 MB to play the game. It is the best football game with amazing graphics or controls. The game makes yourself more confident and helps you to improve your real life football skills. It is a multiplayer’s game, so it gives you a chance to play soccer with your mates.  If you don’t know anything about football, then it’s hard for you to start it. In these cases you should take help from the tutorial, it gives you information to play it. Many more football games are available to play, but most people prefer Score Hero to play.


When the game starts, it shows you the warm and benches of the players. You have to join the clubs to play with the ball.  Try to don’t use the cash in starting, save it for the difficult time. If you don’t like to play a full soccer game, then you should play in the different modes. After clearing the simple matches, it becomes hard for you to do goal or to play. If you want to kick the ball, then make sure that your target is perfect.  You should draw the line with the curve manner and move it into the corner for the goal.

Always make sure to kick the ball in the top of the goal and try to kick harder, because it’s hard for the goalie to jump at the last moment to stop the ball.

How to earn

If you are playing well, then cash comes automatically during the game. But for buying the useful things, it is not enough. You have to take help from watching videos to earn some extra coins with Score Hero Hack 2018. After some matches, you need extra money to unlock the important features.  Watching advertisements for with the help of facebook sign in you can earn money to unlock the new features.


  • Use the zoom – While playing the game, you have to pass the ball to every player. But in the small screens, you are not able to see the player clearly in the simple view. In these situations, it is very important to use the zoom feature and move the camera direction to select the best player in different situations.
  • Learn best shots – it’s hard to learn the new shots for the new players, but while playing the game, you have to try some new shots to play best. Try to learn curled shots in place of simple shots to increase your skills.
  • Make strategies – Before playing the match try to make a plan to give the best, you should give the best place to the deserving player. If you are losing continuously, then try to switch the players or change the gaming plan. You should make a player perfect with the help of updates to face the strong teams.
  • Try to beat – Remind, your every goal give you points and make your team strong. Try to score more to get more. After the match game gives you some rewards, use them to give equipment to your players. After losing matches don’t lose hope, try to fight with opposite team until you win.

Overall, 580 levels are available in the game, make the level easy by winning awards. The game allows you to make the different strategies for making new scores.  If you are real football lover, then you can choose your favorite team in it. Make the team with your football hero and show your talent to your friends. You can also select the team by nationality or by the ranks of the players.  You should play in the one stage back to back to achieve them all three stars, and these stars help you in the difficult stages.  It is the only way to clear the level because the game depends 90% on sweat or 10% on your luck. Take the right decision on the right time to reduce the risk of penalty in the game.