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How to Earn Gold in Army Men Strike?


Army Men Strike is the game for which all players need to know. Therefore, it is best way by which you easily get all essential information about Army Men Strike. Before going to discuss about everything that relates to the game one should understand the entire features which are present in it.  So, the best feature of the game is currency which is present in the form of gold. Also, there are two main types of resources present in the form of plastic and paint.

It is crucial for the players to earn all these things in the game in huge amount as to perform all significant tasks and activities properly. Also, there are numerous ways present by which gamers simply play Army Men Strike and earn currency in it. All the main ways are as follows and gamers should make use of them fully –

  1. Players of the game simply earn currency in it in the form of gold by completing number of challenges, objective and events also which are added to its after short time.
  2. Gamers also get currency in the form of gold by buying it from in-app purchases feature. For it, they require a good amount of currency in it.
  3. Also, they can grab a huge amount of currency in the game Army Men Strike Hack 2019. It is the best and easiest option to get everything in Army Men Strike.

So, all these are the best and straight ways by which players simply earn gold in the game. The more you make use of these methods, the gold you get in Army Men Strike,


If you make deal with all the above mentioned things, then you simply become the best player in Army Men Strike. Moreover, there are many more things which gamers need to know as to go ahead in it, so they have to understand them properly to make progress in it.

AFK Arena – A Useful Guide to Know about!

Well, recently the most popular RPG or you can say the role-playing game is created by Lilith Games. Its size is almost 102 MB and also deals in several classic features which make it realistic and classic among all others.  Also, like all other RPG games, it deals in an in-app purchases feature. Some special features of the game are described later in the post, and about them, all people should know.

The crucial thing about which all players need to know is that in the same game, there are lots of objectives, events and challenges present which they have to complete as to make good progress in AFK Arena. Now, let’s go through some main features of AFK Arena which are as follows –

  • Every single week there are some new and classic events added to it. Players have to take entry in all these events and then complete them as to earn currency in it or to make progress in it.
  • Also, the same game consists of two main types of in-game currency in it, which are in the form of gems and diamonds. Players simply have to earn them in good amount.
  • AFK Arena also includes lots of heroes cards, almost 6 factions, and many more things also.

So, these are the best and classic features of AFK Arena which every single person should know. They only have to learn all these features, and then it helps them in playing the game in an appropriate manner.

Types of In-game currency

Players of AFK Arena need to know that it includes mainly two main types of currency in it. The currency in the game is in the form of gems and diamonds. Players have to simply earn them in sufficient amount as these are used for buying anything in the game, for upgrading their heroes, for giving them training and also for many more tasks also. Now, the best method to earn gems, as well as diamonds in AFK Arena, is to apply cheats and hacks in AFK Arena. With the same, you easily get unlimited amount of gems as well as diamonds.


Incredible graphics and powerful engine of Vainglory game


Vainglory game is based on mechanical skills and also on the strategic depth. You can easily play with your friends on any device like a tablet or on your smartphone. You may enjoy incredible graphics where you may get excellent features which can be easily controlled across all the platforms. The soundtrack of the game is so best and intense that you don’t know when you get automatically indulge in the game. You can enjoy the competitive experiences with your friends and also with the players who are situated around the world.

Powerful engine

The game has acquired the property of EVIL engine which offers beautiful graphics.  The game is having superior performance having wide control over the devices. You can enjoy beautiful experiences with the game as the game take responsibility that you will equally enjoy all the resources which are provided by the game. You can play with anyone, and anywhere, the only thing which you need is that you should have the connection of the internet and also you had an appropriate device from which you can access the game.

Simple to access

Vainglory Hack 2019 has been released, and it is surveyed that it is safe to use. You can easily access the following tool either on the IOS device, or you can easily use the device on the Android version. The only thing that you need is that connection of internet. As with the internet connection, you can link with many other users that are situated around the world. You can also invite your friends to join you during the game as the interface is quite easy to navigate. You had to only the steps and the instruction which is given to you before starting the game. By the aid of objectives, vision control, team comps, you can easily achieve a lot of mastery points, which is the first requirement for the game.



4 Vital elements of Top Eleven 2019

4 Vital elements of Top Eleven 2019

The internet is full of many kinds of games, and one of the famous games is Top Eleven- Be a Football Manager. In which you will be a good manager and the game is all about football sports. The players are facing many kinds of challenges, and if you are crazy for such type’s games, then you can download it. It is easily installed on the mobile device, and it is specially designed for Android.  The gameplay has many football matches, and we can purchase several kits and items for playing well. For that, we should have to collect much amount of currency, and you can try with Top Eleven Hack. Such hack is a wonderful way for receiving unlimited cash.

Before any step, we have to know all aspects of the game, and these are making it friendly. Each player wants to be a success, so we are telling some points.

Football manager

In the game, you are playing the role of a football manager, and you can build and arrange many things. Understand everything and start completing challenges and tasks. Each factor of the game is enjoyable, and you will spend much time on it.

Build your club

It provides the facility for building your club, and in that, you will add many new players. The game is open for all, and the players are easily available. Clubs are designed for football matches, and we can accept many challenges.

Make the training sessions

High skills are required for playing long in the match, and there are many kinds of abilities. Such things are beneficial for winning in the game. Without correct training sessions, we cannot go forward, so we have to join such sessions to enhance our playing skills. The manager can do his time table and add various new exercises for high skilled.

Daily challenges

The game is connected with network, and many kinds of challenges are flashing on the online mode. Anyone can take it for many rewards. If you are fresher, then you can take advantage of the Top Eleven Hack.


Mortal Kombat – How To Earn Time Krystals Smartly?

Mortal Kombat – How To Earn Time Krystals Smartly?

NetherRealm Studios has developed a game called Mortal Kombat 11. Basically, if you are a big fan of the series of Mortal Kombat, then you will really like this sequel. Well, its previous series was based on fighting, and the same game concept players will find in this specific game. If we talk about the Time Krystals, then it is a new type of in-game currency that is available in the game. Players can earn this currency or spend real life money for buying it from the in-game shop. Mortal Kombat 11 Hack would be the most genuine option for players who are facing complication in the collection of Time Krystals.

Play Mortal Kombat on different platforms

You will really get happy after hearing that this specific game is developed for most of the platform. Let me start from the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and the most amazing is the personal computer. In short, if you have one of these platforms, then you will experience the great graphics of the game. In addition to this, by using the time Krystals, players are able to customize the other fighters without affecting the gameplay or any other progression. However, if you don’t have enough amount of currency then simply uses Mortal Kombat 11 Hack for generating the time Krystals.

Do I have to pay for the time Krystals?

Well, if you want to buy the cosmetic items in order to change the appearance of characters, then you need to use the Time Krystals. Therefore, cosmetic items are possible to bring by this currency. Therefore, whenever any player faces complications in the game for collecting the Time Krystals, then he or she need to spend real life money for buying it online. This is important because it is a personal choice of player.




Coin Master needs to ponder over to use Slot machine


The adventurous Coins master game has a character of Viking or by joining the Viking game can be started to play. The Viking robs or steals the gold and coins from other village and develops his own. By robbing or raiding the other village areas helps the player to collect coins and sack of gold. The player travels the world and islands as well as makes friends and fights foes.

At the same time, spinning the wheel also generates coins for the player to be the Coins Master as well as Coins Master Cheats hands over more coins to the player to play and win the game.

Description about the game

  • The game is an adventurous type and the player does lots of work and actions as the Master of Coins. These below actions and steps are worth trying:
    • Playing with friends and making new friends is good for player.
    • Attacking on villages nearby gains coins and fortifies player’s village,
    • Demolishing other player treasure and protecting own riches also get to the player to success.

Slot machine’s functions

  • The machine of Slot assists the player of the game to have an upper hand.
    • Hammer makes the player to attack on villages.
    • Shields protect and guard the village from rivals in the Coins Master game.
    • Pig Face enables player to raid the master’s village and also provides gold and 3 chances to dig master’s village.
    • Game coins – provide player some coins for free in the beginning. There is no need to say that Coins Master Cheats also helpful for player in case of death of Coins.
    • To ensure more chances of victory, player should use all the above points and things to play well.


Know the Benefits of Using Cheats in Merge Dragons


Well, before going to go through the primary topic that is knowing the advantages of using cheats in Merge Dragons, players should know about the basics as well as general things about the gameplay properly. Therefore, players should know that the game consists a little hard gameplay, but the controls in it are simple. Players only need to pay more attention to the gameplay and then apply more tips and tricks to make it easier while playing. Now, let’s come to the main topic that relates to the Merge Dragons Cheats.

For what purposes cheats are used in the game? The cheats are used to achieve anything which is present in the game without playing or getting it. With the help of these cheats, one can easily get everything which they require in Merge Dragons. There are different cheats present for different items and for different types of in-game currency.

Advantages of using cheats in Merge Dragons

As mentioned above or as stated earlier that later in the post players are going to meet with the main advantages of using these cheats in gameplay, so mentioned below are some main benefits –

  • Well, after applying the cheats in Merge Dragons players can easily earn unlimited amount f in-game currency in both forms that are gems and coins.
  • Not only is this, by applying cheats in Merge Dragons, players easily unlock more new and powerful dragons which make them easier to go far in Merge Dragons.
  • With the help of cheats users of Merge Dragons can achieve all types of necessary in-game items and many other useful rewards also in it.
  • If players apply cheats or they make use of Merge Dragons Cheats, then there is no need to spend real-life money on buying anything which is present in the game.

Therefore, these are the most common benefits of making use of cheats in Merge Dragons. Players need to understand them properly as to make full and efficient use of these cheats when playing. The more gamers make use of these cheats the easier they become the perfect and classic player in it.

Several resources of the Marvel Contest of Champions


Action games are viral nowadays because they come with many objectives. One of the top trending games is Marvel Contest of Champions. It is action battle games, and the player will go through various types of battles. Every aspect of the game is amazing and effective for the player. The game is the best pastime for many people because it is easily run on the mobile device. You can play anywhere and anytime just because of the amazing connectivity with the internet.

It is free for everyone, and anyone can download the game by the android store. You can add many new features with some latest updates, and such updates may charge some real money. The player can be going for some Marvel Contest of Champions Hack for a better playing experience.

Resources of the game

The game is a bundle of different kinds of things, and you are the only one who can open it by playing. It is a battle based game and in which you will meet with some energy and power. Most of the game is full of deadly weapons for fighting. Head to head battles are a very commendable aspect of the game, and you can customize the hero for that.

Three different aspects are used as resources

New champions



New champions

In the beginning, the player can meet with two champions, but they are weak for fighting. You need to power up with different kinds of currencies. New champions are like a new currency in the game, and you can unlock it for better fighting battles.

Crystals and units

It is convertible currency, and it is not easy to get. Crystals are a form of rewards, and you need to crack it by different resources. These are only for opening some new champions, and you need to collect another necessary currency like units. If anyone facing problem regarding currency then goes on Marvel Contest of Champions hack.



Instruction to play the game of Pes 2019


Since the game has been launched by the developer Konami with some betterment in the game, it has been playing across the world by millions of users on screens. The game has also dominated the world of game. The improvement made by the creator can be as noted down below:

The playing methods

There are PVE and PVP two new modes have been developed. In the former one PVE, user can be under training how to play the game perfectly. Nonetheless, second mode is of PVP which could be described as hard one. In this mode players has to face the challenges thrown upon the player. To play it player is advised to train first, with the former described mode of the game.

New addition of leagues

The developer hand over the game to the market with different leagues played all around the world. Differ leagues are from different countries have taken such as African leagues, European league, Asia league and so on.

Don’t ignore them

To have good playing team and form a strong team, an Auction House has been flooded with different skilled and talented player who are well popular in the world of soccer. Here they are bought at cheaper rates and sold and higher price. This gives the player to own the game. In this way, you get the real excitement of the game and face the real challenges. Snow season is another new and unique feature has been a hard nut to crack. In the season of snow player can experience the slippery land and pitch.

Game currency generating system

The player when face some or the other kinds of difficulties then he rushed towards the currency generator which is Pes 2019 Cheats. Both currency store and game experience can be enhanced with the help of it. Within few second you can boost the energy meter which is a new and advance factor of the game. Without it, stamina decreases and player performance as well.

The above mention point allows you to be the best player in this field.

Mortal Kombat X – The Widely Played Fighting Game


If you love to play the fighting video games, then Mortal Kombat X will be the best option. No doubt there are many other fighting games also present; none of them have the potential to seek the attention of game lovers. This game is present for several platforms such as Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, IOS, and Microsoft Windows. In this, the two players fight against each other with the use of special moves. The players can use Mortal Kombat X hack tool in order to play better.

What are the Xray attacks?

The players can use the Xray attack and get the chance to launch the brutal animation. Well, the majority of the players use such attack because the animation is helpful in dealing with the high damage. In order to use the attack, the bottom bar should first fill, and after this, it will flash, and the character will get the chance to access the attack.

If you are willing to use this then always make sure that you are close to the enemy. However, this is not the best ever way of spending the special bars. So, we should always have the knowledge about the use of such bars. The players are advised to keep such bars for the combo breakers.

Choose character properly

The players should pay attention to the selection of the character. Generally, it has seen that players only focus on the details of special attacks and the combos; however, they should try to pick one, which can help in playing better.

This is an amazing game and currency plays the important role, and it can be collected with the use of Mortal Kombat X hack. This can help in getting the desired amount of the currency within a few seconds.